One-on-One Lessons (1 hour) - £25
The standard and most popular way to learn. Preferably lessons will run on a weekly basis but this may be negotiable.

Block Booking - Buy 9 get 1 free - £225
Because everyone likes a saving! Block bookings run on a weekly lesson basis.

Joint Lessons (1 hour) - £30
A great option for friends wanting lessons to share the cost or for a parent/carer and child to learn together.

Lessons for young children (45mins) - £20+ travel costs if applicable
The 45 minute lessons are perfect for young children in the 7-11 age range.

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What will I be learning?

teach predominantly teach electric and acoustic guitar styles, so Rock, Blues, Traditional Fingerstyle and Modern Fingerstyle. I also teach Classical Guitar to Grade 5 standard.

Complete beginners will start off learning the basics of technique such as how to sit and hold your guitar, correct left and right hand technique and common guitar/music terminology. Over time, your repertoire of songs will grow alongside your chord vocabulary and musical knowledge. Lessons are always highly practical and you will leave you’re first lesson with a song to practice.

If you already play guitar but are looking for someone to take your playing further, together we will devise a course to help you get there. I have encountered and helped people achieve many goals, from songwriters looking to improve their playing and writing abilities to people who want to obtain their grades, play in bands or learn to improvise.

What do I need to bring to my lesson?

Your guitar is all you need however I recommend you also bring a folder for keeping any handouts, and maybe a notepad or voice recorder to keep a record of things covered in your lesson to aid your practice.

What about doing grades?

The choice of doing grades is up to you. I can help you obtain grades via most of the main examination boards. That being said, grades are not for everybody and you can absolutely learn guitar without them.

How much theory will I learn?

The answer to this is “as much as you want” but it is worth pointing out that learning a little theory can go a long way, and how much you need to know depends on your goals.

What if I need to cancel a lesson?

A £25/20 deposit is payable upon the commencement of lessons which will be kept if you cancel within 48 hours of your lesson time. (Block booking require no deposit although you will lose a lessons if you cancel within 48 hours of your lesson time)